HOPE Cape Town’s footprint has dramatically grown since the first contact and opening of the G7 iThemba Ward at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital in 2001.

Today, we are actively supporting more than 200 000 people annually through medical care, counselling and social services, training and development, education and empowerment in various township clinics in the Western Cape, at Container Village Blikkiesdorp and at HOPE Cape Town’s headquarters at The Nex-Indawo Yethu Campus in Delft.



The NEX -Indawo Yethu represents a focal point, a nexus (coming together) of lessons and experience gained from HOPE Cape Town’s more than 20 years of hands-on practice, experience, and innovation, offering an opportunity to consolidate, strengthen, and innovate a range of inter-linked activities and core competencies, as well as explore new areas of intervention. 

In other words, The NEX represents, in physical form, HOPE Cape Town’s vision and mission to incrementally improve the quality of life of children, adolescents, families, youth, and women through a range of inter-linked activities (the Cycle of HOPE), in partnership with local citizens, CBOs, NGOS, a range of strategic public and private partnerships, and support of local and global donors.

A place, where people come together – a holistic and safe  space in Delft South Africa.

Due to the airport expansion in Cape Town, the semi-permanent settlement Blikkiesdorp next to Delft and with it, the HOPE Cape Town Container Village will have to disappear in the near future.  The people of Blikkiesdorp will be resettled, together with other semi-permanent locations like Malawi Camp and Freedom Farm.
HOPE Cape Town, in anticipation of the move, and to guarantee a smooth transition of all services in the area made the decision to congregate all services in this area in a newly established and imbued space to strengthen interconnectedness and intercommunication with surrounding communities, called “The Nex – Indawo Yethu”. 
It was a major decision for the organisation, deciding at the same time to keep all services at Tygerberg Children’s Hospital and in all the townships, where a HOPE Community Health Worker is placed.

After careful assessing the needs of the greater Delft community, the decision was taken to add the following services to the existing one: dual vocational training and entrepreneurial skills. An MOU with the Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry was signed in November 2019 in Johannesburg in this regard.

The finances for Phase 1 of the construction of the campus were secured and on the 16.10.2020 building began on site. In August 2021, HOPE Cape Town relocated its headquarters to the new campus in Delft.

The Free State of Bavaria financed the so-called Bavarian House and the Resource Centre, which will facilitate programs related to vocational dual training. On 4 December 2021, the Bavarian House was officially opened by Alan Winde, Premier of the Western Cape. Matthias CEO of the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce, and official Representative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Economic Development and Energy in South Africa jointly officiated with the Premier at the opening.

A European Trust secured the funding to build the holistic health centre – La Maison de Christoph – which officially opened on 30th September 2021. The focus of the centre will be on providing services for the elderly, men, women, and children and will especially focus on prevention, lifestyle, and mental health, whilst continuing on the firm foundation of work already done with HIV-infected and -affected families in the form of screening, adolescent clubs, and other support groups.
The project is further in collaboration with the Western Cape Provincial Administration and Government, the City of Cape Town, VPUU and various NGO’s and tertiary teaching institutions.
The Second phase of The Nex-Indawo Yethu campus – the Early Development Childhood Centre – welcomed its first group of Grade R students in January 2023 while Phase 3 – The Kap23 Youth Centre – was opened in January 2023.
Read more about the journey to The Nex in the attached pdf documents.

The Holistic Health Centre, La Maison de Christoph, aims to bring a relevant model of holistic, preventative care services and especially focusses on prevention, lifestyle, and mental health, whilst continuing on the firm foundation of work already done with HIV-infected and -affected families in the form of screening, adolescent clubs, and other support groups. 

Under an official agreement with the Western Cape Government and the City of Cape Town, it cooperates with the local township clinics and is equipped like a normal township clinic and run by a nurse with the support of HOPE Community health workers. 


Caregiver-child clinics promote responsive caregiving and provide caregiver support and care.  Our aim is to also provide support services for vulnerable groups, like adolescent mothers and children with disabilities. Support groups are aimed to create a safe space for growth and wellness – a place for wholeness to flourish. Psychological services are also available. 


The health centre is also the venue for so-called “clubs”. They are meetings of people with the same clinical diagnosis who meet regularly. Information and discussions on the clinical picture, a check-up and the distribution of medication are components of such a meeting. In the HIV area alone, 4 such youth groups are currently meeting on campus.


Bavarian House is the brainchild of collaboration between both the Western Cape Government and the Free State of Bavaria and serves as a centre of learning, entrepreneurial skills development and vocational training for the youth of Delft. 


Key programmes offered are Dual Vocational Training and upskilling as well as further educational training. 


In addition to the Dual Vocational Training, HOPE Cape Town HOPE offers Entrepreneurial Skills Development programmes that were developed after conducting an assessment of the situation of a typical township youngster. Even when finishing matric, often there is a gap between what a college would require to be a successful student and what the learner brings to the table with his matric. The programme provided by HOPE Cape Town aims to bridge this gap by providing missing components of what is needed to either start an own small business or to continue studying at a college. 


The Bavarian House, funded by the State of Bavaria, also offers a variety of spaces used to host meetings, workshops, conferences and presentations including classrooms, boardrooms and a resource center with workstations. Already, the facility is used by local NGOs to host workshops and training sessions.


Further programmes are conducted in the spheres of GBV (Gender Based Violence), Democracy Development and other relevant topics in the spheres of civil society.



Bayerngarden Centre for Early Childhood Development

Our Bayerngarden Centre for Early Childhood Development opened its door to the community at The Nex – Indawo Yethu campus in May 2022.

It is a playful space for children in the community to ‘bloom, shine and fly’ as they grow towards their full potential, and develop skills that will support them beyond early childhood.

It houses the Grade R classroom (for children with special needs), the Play Lab (a multi-functional play space), a therapy room (utilized by various allied health paediatric therapists) and an outdoor play space. 

Read more about the work we do here by clicking on this link.


Officially opened in January 2023 and sponsored by The German AIDS Foundation, the aim is to offer further youth development and support programmes including tutoring in Maths and English, afterschool and holiday programmes, educational support, counselling and recreational space for safe peer engagement.


Accredited Computer Skills programmes and a Cape Access e-learning centre in partnership with the Western Cape Provincial Government since January 2023.

HOPE Cape Town headquarters and office space for partner organisations and stakeholders/collaborators.


One is currently used for the administrative responsibilities and deployment of the LEAP safety and security forces. HOPE Cape Town signed an official MOU with the City of Cape Town in this respect.