Social Services

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Since 2013, HOPE Cape Town has employed a social worker to provide services in the poorly resourced communities of Delft, Blikkiesdorp and Manenberg.

This ongoing assistance and support has led to a strong relationship between community members and HOPE Cape Town.

The goal of the HOPE Cape Town social services is to provide social service support to improve stability and enhance personal growth within the community.

This is achieved through:

  • providing information regarding application of official documents and grants
  • psychosocial counselling of community members
  • referral to other community resources (e.g. alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation)
  • assisting and supporting caregivers with placement of children in schools

Another focus is to provide therapeutic programs to support children (and their caregivers) with developmental and psycho-social problems.

This is provided mainly through our Community Outreach Centre in Blikkiesdorp. Here, our social worker runs a playgroup for children not attending school (for various reasons). While, the social worker works with the caregivers to get the children into school – the playgroup provides some learning and play stimulation during their days. Children receive breakfast and lunch, as well as a safe place to play and develop social skills, learning and motor skills; while getting used to a ‘school’ environment.

This service has further developed into an after-school care for those children now attending school. Our social worker maintains ongoing support with the families providing a safe place to complete homework and play in the afternoons. These families also are provided with school uniform and stationery assistance.

In Manenberg, the social worker assists at the partner NGO Manenberg Aftercare Centre, providing play therapy and psycho-social support to some families.