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Over the years HOPE Cape Town established nutrition programmes in various communities.

Programs include:

  • Cooking lessons where mothers are taught how to cook healthy food for their children and themselves.
  • Food preservation: Community members are taught how to preserve fruit and vegetables that are in season, for later use or to generate an income.
  • Community Gardens: Communities are assisted to establish vegetable gardens by teaching selected community members how to grow and maintain a vegetable garden. The vegetables from these community gardens can be used to feed vulnerable children.

HOPE Cape Town contracts a registered dietician at times to host workshops for caregivers of children in the communities where they live.

The objectives of the nutrition program are:

  • Promoting better eating habits to optimise nutritional intake of all nutrients
  • Enhance quality of life through health and nutrition promotion
  • Promote appropriate foods for individual circumstances and reduce food insecurity
  • Provide education on how to prevent weight loss during illness
  • Promote and advise on breastfeeding