Paediatric Neurodevelopment Clinic

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Tygerberg Hospital runs an outpatient Neurodevelopment clinic to assess children that are delayed in their development (across cognitive, motor, and language areas). Parents are referred to the clinic when there are concerns that their child is not sitting or walking or learning how to speak at an appropriate age; or is struggling with basic coordination and the tasks of daily living. In Cape Town, there are a growing number of children with Developmental issues such as Autism Spectrum Disorders or Cerebral Palsy that need to be assessed at the clinic. Furthermore, children with HIV may have developmental delays due to HIV encephalopathy, poor nutrition and social circumstances. The clinic provides referral to appropriate therapies and specialised schooling once they have been assessed.

Hope Cape Town’s doctors assist the developmental paediatricians at this clinic once a week. Hope Cape Town’s occupational therapist is available to the clinic whenever a Griffiths III assessment (specialised developmental assessment) is needed.